Manuel Antonio Burgos Díaz
Manuel Antonio Burgos Díaz

Telefonica del Sur

Telefónica del Sur, was created in 1893. It was founded by Reinaldo Hernecker, first chief executive, Gustavo Prochelle, general manager until 1912, and also Ricardo Korner, Arnulfo Anwandter and Carlos Prochelle.


It was a business project, full of revolutionary ideas, and leaded by German Chileans who believed it was worth it.


Valdivia’s riverfront was becoming one of the most dynamic areas of the country. Due to this, the first German industries emerged, so breweries, tanneries and shipyards were the leap for riskier projects.


In that very moment, they were in the need for an efficient communication system to connect this remote region with the rest of the country.


At that time, Telefónica del Sur begins with only 55 subscribers, but they were the ones who turned this into a major company.


Telefónica del Sur, a company that belongs to the Gtd Group (Gente totalmente dispuesta), is currently, a historic moment to see into the future and face new projects and challenges. In this matter, it is also expanding its coverage area and services for its clients. Telsur’s work team genuinely reflects the values of the Gtd Group, the commitment to the customer, the quality of the service and the excellence in every action of the company. It is also important to mention that monthly Telsur board meetings are held in Valdivia to analyze company growth.


The staff’s permanent efforts are reflected in the customer’s satisfaction, which encourages further social and technological development in the communities, and also further innovation and investment.  That is why Telefónica del Sur works with Gente Totalmente Dispuesta (Fully Prepared People) and with a clear customer oriented approach. This allows it to be one of Chile’s most historical and successful telecommunications companies.